Entrepreneur Heinz W. Muller founded the Nature´s Consultants in 1990 as a «non-profit»  organisation with independent practitioners within various forms of natural medicine. He is also the one to develop the exceptionally effective program «Body Renewal Body & Mind». The objectives of the Nature´s Consultants and recurring theme was to find methods and solutions to current health problems as well as being able to reverse chronic diseases.

Muller is a Norwegian natural therapist (GP.NM) with more than 27 years of experience in alternative medicine. Trained as a practitioner in Photo-Resonance in Norway and later as AcuNova acupuncturist at the Acupuncture University in Denmark, he is now a member of the Danish Acupuncture Union. In addition, he has a number of courses in Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Aromatherapy, Diet and Nutrition, Massage, Reflexology and Transcendental Meditation (TM) – a field in which he is also Sidha. He has for several years, along with his co-workers, run a clinic in Spain. The clinic closed its doors in December 2011.

Muller is now formerly retired, but maintains his offer to hold lectures for institutions and associations under the umbrella term «YOUR AND MY HEALTH» consisting of various themes on the basis of preventive health measures as well as his «personal health services».

Personal Health Services / Consultation

Since we humans are all so different, the method of offering just one «standard form of treatment» for preventive health purposes will be unsatisfactory for all parties. With me it is only the results that count, and then one must take individual considerations/assessments. So if you have an open mind and are willing to call a spade a spade in order to find a solution to your problems, then you are welcome to contact me to make an appointment for a personal consultation/dialog. Since I'm now retired I keep «pensioner prices»: 20 euros per consultation (additional cost for home visits). During the talks I detect and consider the issue together with you to identify the best form of treatment. Collaborating with me I have a general practitioner (MD) who is a specialist in internal medicine and have a degree in Holistic Medicine.

Heinz W. Muller GP.NM – Tel. +34 667 031 572

E-mail: health@kroppsfornyelse.com

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